The 5 axes of your performance on the web

Digital strategy: The audit allows you to define your objectives in a SMART way on 5 axes that determine your visibility on the Internet.

The time when the effectiveness of your strategy on the Web depended 99% on your SEO on Google is over! Google is no longer the only point of entry for Internet users : the social networks, blogs, online media have changed the game. Rather than traffic, we prefer to talk about visibility, more sustainable and less dependent on your website alone.

Your digital footprint is not only linked to your site, but also to your communications on the networks, your exchanges with your community, what others say about you, your publications, your mobile application, etc.

We measure your visibility and set SMART objectives on each of the axes of a "radar", which sets the roadmap for the actions to be taken.

stratégie digitale

The audit and the definition of your SMART objectives on the radar of your visibility materialize by a detailed document, commented on and justified on the operations to be carried out, the resources to be provided, the objectives to which they respond and the potential results.

For each axis we deploy specific tactics adapted to your resources and objectives. They are detailed and translated into concrete operations.

Everything is there: what to do, with what budget, for what objective. Ready to use, you can set up the operations with your internal resources or get help. Naturally, we can be your partner or coach your teams to achieve these results.

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